OxiSelect™ Aldehyde-Induced DNA Damage ELISA Combo test kit (Ethenoadenosine / Ethenocytidine quantification)

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OxiSelect™ Aldehyde-Induced DNA Damage ELISA Combo test kit (Ethenoadenosine / Ethenocytidine quantification)


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Oxidative Stress/Damage


a specific protein sequence

Reagent properties

Unknown samples are compared with a provided standard


E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays


ELISA Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays Code 90320007 SNOMED


The concentration in mg/ml in a 10mM of buffered solution at pH 7 to 7,96

Cellular use

Detect as little as 50 nM of ethenoadenosine or 625 nM of ethenocytidine from DNA isolated from cells or tissues

SDS or safty data sheet

(STA-820-C) GHS.pdf

Related techniques

Oxidative Stress/ Damage, DNA / RNA Damage and Repair, Aldehyde Induced DNA Damage Assays, Ethenoadenosine and Ethenocytidine ELISA Combo test kit

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Induced protein genes, factors or kinases, increase the production of (an enzyme or other protein) at the level of genetic transcription.

Protocol information

Ethenoadenosine and ethenocytidine are assayed in separate wells; each test kit can perform a combined total of 96 assays in any ratio of the two targets

The temperatureerature for storage is

Upon receipt, store the Ethenoadenosine Standard, Ethenocytidine Standard, Anti-Ethenoadenosine Antibody and Anti-Ethenocytidine Antibody at -20ºC. Store all other components at 4ºC until their expiration dates.

Use of the reagent

The OxiSelect™ Aldehyde-Induced DNA Damage ELISA Combo test kit (Ethenoadenosine / Ethenocytidine quantification) is a competitive ELISA test kit allowing the quantification of ethenoadenosine or ethenocytidine adducts in DNA isolated from cells or tissues. Samples and standards are added to a provided microplate preabsorbed with etheno-damaged DNA. A primary antibody is added and binds competitively to ethenoadenosine in the unknown sample or to the etheno adduct in the DNA coated on the plate. After washing a secondary antibody is added. A low signal means most of the primary antibody was bound to the unknown, indicating a high level of etheno adducts in the sample. Each combo test kit can perform up to 96 assays combined for ethenoadenosine and ethenocytidine. The two targets are assayed in separate wells, but any well on the provided plate may be used for either target in any ratio (e.g. 64 wells for ethenoadenosine and 32 wells for ethenocytidine, or 48 wells for each).